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Among the 21st year of the Werner von Siemens Prize awardees were also Ph.D. students and alumni of FNSPE (along with young researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences). Their research into Deposition of Protective Layers from Liquids Using Hybrid Water-Stabilized Plasma was awarded in the category of “The Most Significant Research Findings in Fundamental Research“.

Radek Mušálek, Ph.D., and his team have developed a new technology of plasma spraying of protective coatings for extreme conditions. They have described the deposition technique of coatings from liquids, due to which it becomes viable to prepare entirely new types of layers, which so far, has not been possible using dry powders. Variability of the process can control the microstructure of the layers, i.e. from extremely porous to very compact. Moreover, the technique is quite universal, being available for a variety of feedstocks, as has been proven experimentally. The research team also has at their disposal a world unique plasma torch making use of a principle of water plasma stabilization different from the one used by other commercial technologies. Thus, it is possible to investigate and view the mechanisms of plasma deposition from liquids from a different perspective. What makes the project important is the fact that it is not only a theoretical concept but a new technology ready for use in practice in various industries.

The team awardees from the Department of Materials of FNSPE: Ph.D. students Ing. Jan Medřický (first from the left) and Ing. Tomáš Tesař (third from the left) and alumni Ing. Radek Mušálek, Ph.D., (second from the left) and Ing. Jan Čížek, Ph.D., (seventh from the left).

Congratulations to all awardees.

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