220930 Noc vedcu na CVUTOn Friday, September 30, 2022, the Night of Scientists will take place across the country - the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering is also preparing for it, both in Prague and in Děčín. It starts at 17:00 and the program will last until 23:00. Not only will you learn a lot of things, but you will also be able to try things out for yourself. Part of the progeram is in English too!

In Prague, for example, you can learn where ionizing radiation is lurking, whether we always have to be afraid of it, or how it helps us. You can also bring a so-called uranium glass and have it measured to see how much it "glows". You will be able to try out the treatment of cancer patients with the help of an accelerator (virtually) or discover the possibilities of using superconductivity. A math quiz in English will be prepared for everyone.

At the Děčín site, you can see the radioactive collection - equipment for measuring ionising radiation, or visit the darkroom, where you can see "invisible" radiation. There will also be demonstrations of interesting physical effects.

The full programme and the start times of the individual excursions and lectures can be found on the event website both in Prague (Břehová 7) and in Děčín (Pohraniční 1).

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