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Field abbreviation: MINF

Field code: 3901R058

Course duration: 3 years

Field specialisation: -

Course characteristics

The bachelor´s degree course in Mathematical Informatics is composed of related sequences of classical and modern mathematics, informatics, and physics. It trains students to have the competency in information technologies for mathematical, physical, and natural sciences and for engineering practice. Computer-related courses provide students with basic computer skills, knowledge of classical and modern forms of programming, network technology, internet tools, operating systems, and theoretical informatics. Mathematics courses cover the basic topics of mathematical analysis, linear and general algebra, discrete mathematics, numerical mathematics, and probability theory, as well as mathematical statistics. Physics focuses on mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics. Specialisation courses offer greater knowledge of mathematical disciplines, informatics, design and management of software projects, and of high-performance computing systems.

Graduate's profile

Knowledge: The graduate will have gained knowledge of basic informatics, mathematics, and physical disciplines that are furthered (depending on the chosen orientation and specialisation) by participating in mathematical informatics and software projects. The graduates can immediately thereafter become candidates for the Continuation Master Programme in the same or related field.

Skills: The skills acquired are as follows: design, analysis, and work on software projects; mastery of computer technology and of problems of computer networks. Regarding the specific focus on further studies the student gains deeper skills in theoretical and applied computer science, and in the use of professional English.

Competency: The graduates may seek positions mainly in industry, research, banks, and the private sector, because they have technical competency for systematic use of analytical methods and skills for working with modern information technologies. They can assume positions as e.g. network administrators, members of development and testing teams, and systems operators.

State final examination

  • Algebra (linear and general) - compulsory subject
  • Applications of discrete mathematics - elective subject
  • Operation systems and C++ language - elective subject
  • Mathematical analysis - elective subject










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