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Field abbreviation: JCHI

Field code: 3901R015

Course duration: 3 years

Field specialisation: -

Course characteristics

The bachelor's degree course curriculum focuses on all the basic fields in chemistry, i.e. physical, inorganic, analytical, general, and organic chemistry and biochemistry. It also includes a two-semester course in the essentials of nuclear chemistry, a course in the basics of detection and dosimetry of ionizing radiation, as well as a lecture series on the basics of design and operation of nuclear power plants. Career prospects for graduates are the same as of graduates in any other field of chemistry. However, graduates in Nuclear Chemical Engineering get a better foundation for positions in research institutes and other facilities using ionizing radiation and radionuclides. This degree course is an excellent starting point for advanced studies of any field in chemistry, especially, a two-year Continuations Master Programme in nuclear chemical engineering at FNSPE.

Graduate's profile

Knowledge: The graduates have a good theoretical background in chemistry and excellent practice in laboratory procedures and are thus competent to seek employment positions in radiochemical and chemical laboratories. They are versed in methods of ionizing radiation detection, in nuclear separation methods, and radioanalytical and radiation chemistry methods. They are familiar with the technology of nuclear materials, with radiation protection, and environmental chemistry.

Skills: The graduates will have mastered radiochemical and chemical methods for solving analytical, ecological, physico-chemical, and engineering problems.

Competency: The graduates are qualified to seek positions in research institutes, medical facilities, nuclear power plants, the chemical industry, design offices and in the management of research and factory operation.

State final examination

  • General chemistry - compulsory subject
  • Nuclear chemistry - compulsory subject

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Department of Nuclear Chemistry



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