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Within their studies students will get wide basic knowledge in maths, physics, information technologies and languages. The faculty is strongly focused on solving interdisciplinary problems and motivate students to join scientific and research groups as soon as possible. This creates a good basis for their future personal development.

Graduates from the faculty are employed in research as well as in commercial companies. Many graduates leave our country to work at prestigious foreign universities. For all graduates, let’s mention just a few of them. 

prof. Ing. Helena Jelínková, DrSc. - leading world-recognized expert in the field of laser technology. One of the leaders of the construction of a measuring station in Cairo, which determines the gravity of the Earth through geostationary satellite and a laser rangefinder. She still works at the faculty and teaches laser technology to new, promising scientists.

prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc. - current dean of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering In 2012, he was awarded the Siemens Award - Werner von Siemens Excellence Award for his scientific work in the field of quantum physics.

Ing. Dana Drábová, Ph.D. - chairwoman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety. She is one of the most senior women of Nuclear Physics in the Czech Republic. She was a member of the Paces committee that suggested further directions of energetics in the Czech Republic. She lectures for professionals and the general public. On 28th October 2014, she was awarded a medal of merit (1st grade) by president of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman.

Ing. Jiří Gavor - owner of ENA company, which performs energetic audit and consultancy for leading energetic companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. He graduated from the Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

Ing. Václav Potoček, Ph.D. - when he was 28 years old, he was awarded the Prize of Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic for his scientific achievements. Currently, he is a member of the staff of the University of Glasgow. In 2014, his doctoral thesis was awarded by Siemens Prize.

prof. Ing. Pavel Hobza, DrSc., FRSC, dr.h.c is a Czech chemist, who graduated from Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the CTU in Prague. He acts as a Distinguished Chair at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAS and as a professor of physical chemistry at the Charles University in Prague and Palacky University in Olomouc. Pavel Hobza graduated in 1969 at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU Prague. He has highest number of citations from all scientist working in the Czech Republic.

prof. Ing. Pavel Matoušek, CSc., FRSC (Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry) graduated from Department of Physical Electronics, FNSPE CTU in Prague. Currently, he acts as a Senior Fellow at the STFC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. He is a professor at the University College London, and founder and CSO of the Cobalt Light Systems Ltd. According to the WOS, he has 197 publications and 6630 citations.

If you are also graduates from the CTU, you can become a members of Graduates Association. (More information can be found here:



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