210922-Cena Josefa Hlavky-Marek Matas-diploma-Large The Josef Hlávka Prize for 2020 was awarded to Marek Matas, a graduate of Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics at the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FJFI), for his scientific activities during his doctoral studies. He received the award in September at the Lužany Castle, which is part of the endowment of the oldest Czech foundation founded in 1904.

Marek contributed to the development of our knowledge of high energy quantum chromodynamics. Using nonlinear evolution equations, he calculated the gluon structure of the proton, creating a "3D scan of the proton". The details are in a paper published in Physical Review D.

Last year, he received the first prize of the French Becquerel Prize for his research on the Phenomenology of High Energy Quantum Chromodynamics. His work has also contributed to the results of the PARTPHYS research program within the Center for Advanced Applied Science (CAAS).

The Josef Hlávka Prize is awarded to talented studentsup to age of 33, who have demonstrated exceptional ability and creative thinking in their field. Together with the award, the laureates receive a foundation contribution of 25,000 CZK. The proposal for the award is sent to the Board of Directors of the "Josef, Marie and Zdeňka Hlávka Talents" Foundation by the rectors of the Czech universities in Prague and the Brno University of Technology. An overview of all the 2020 award winners can be found on the Foundation's website.

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