On Tuesday, November 24, 2020, from 10:00 a.m., the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FNSPE) is organizing an online open doors day. Those interested will visit the nuclear reactor, as well as other workplaces, and listen to a number of interesting lectures. They will cross-sectionally present areas that the faculty deals with from applied mathematics through materials science, nuclear chemistry, nanoparticles to particle physics.

FOTO ČVUT FJFI DOD 1 "We will do our best to convey the atmosphere of our faculty in the online version, because that is one of our great strengths. We are a relatively small faculty and there is a homely atmosphere, which is quite familiar during normal DODs, "says Šárka Salačová, who traditionally introduces those interested in studying at the FNSPE to the possibilities of studying. This time, her lecture will be in the form of a video and Šárka Salačová will then welcome those interested in studying in an online discussion, which will begin after 14:00. Current students and study departments will answer any questions sent.

In addition to an online tour of one of the most expensive teaching assets- the VR-1 Vrabec nuclear fission reactor - another seven lectures will be prepared. For example, the use of mathematical modeling in medical applications, fatigue of materials and what they can cause, the Helios supercomputer and its use, or data collection in an experiment taking place at CERN. You can find the entire online DOD program on the faculty website.

With a number of students - now almost 1,300 - the FNSPE is one of the smaller faculties. However, this is also one of the reasons why those interested in studying choose a faculty. "I'm interested in studying in a comfortable atmosphere." "I like the family atmosphere that most students at DOD mentioned." "I came to DOD event ‘Become a Scientist for a Day' event, and I liked the people themselves. It appealed to me the most. “”After a week at the Nuclear, it seemed to me that I would fit in. ”- these are just some of the answers of the students who joined the faculty in September 2020.

"I don't know of another faculty where almost a quarter of all students are doctoral students. We have 312 of them, " doc. Václav Čuba, Vice-Dean for Faculty Development, emphasizes the interesting ratio. As a rule, doctoral students continue their studies in order to follow up on the scientific activity started in their previous studies. Most are also involved in pedagogical activities. The faculty offers a good background and perspective, ensured, among other things, by various scientific projects, such as the Center for Advanced Applied Natural Sciences (CAAS) with a budget exceeding half a billion crowns. Scientific activity is an important part of the faculty and students get involved already during the bachelor's study.

Free preparatory courses in mathematics and physics always start with the autumn DOD. In weekly cycles, mathematics and physics alternate every Tuesday until 6 April, 2021, and it is an ideal preparation for high school students who are preparing for a high school diploma in these subjects or want to prepare for university entrance exams. This year the courses are held online, one needs to just register. Candidates can also join at any time during the course. Further information can be found on the website.

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