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The Faculty's fundamental responsibility is to provide programmes of full-time structure instruction. The standard duration of the undergraduate (Bachelor) Programme is 3 years, i.e. 6 semesters, and it leads to a bachelor's degree (Bc.) (referred to as "title" in Czech). The standard duration of the postgraduate Master Programme is 2 years, i.e. 4 semesters, and a master's degree (equivalent to the degree/title of Ing.) is awarded upon its completion. The main forms of study/instruction are lectures, seminars, practical classes and consultations. The programmes are completed by a final state examination and defence of the bachelor project or master thesis, as appropriate. In the thesis, the student is expected to prove creative approach to the issue solved and directly address some specific problem. The Faculty also offers Doctoral Programmes, lifelong learning courses for the public and special non-degree up-grading courses for professionals

In all fields, in addition to teaching new knowledge, scientific-research activity is also developed. Professional work of students is closely connected with specific issues from practice (e.g.: IBM, ČEZ, ČNB, IKEM, etc.) or from the scientific centres (CERN, JINR, ELI, ITER, etc.). Therefore, there is a close connection between the scientific and pedagogical work; direct involvement of students into solutions of research programmes and preparation for modern and collective forms of scientific work gives the education unique dimensions.

Students also have an opportunity to participate in international internships, exchange programmes, or long-term study in foreign countries with financial support from the Czech Technical University or other foundations. The CTU has programmes Erasmus+, Exatic; students can apply for fellowships from the Hlávka foundation and from many projects at the FNSPE.


Announcements for Students

Information and announcements for students and prospective students made by the Department of Student Affairs and Vice-dean for pedagogics are available at Announcements for Students (in Czech only).


Study Programmes and Regulations

Administrative regulations for organisation of teaching, scholarships and disciplinary rules can be found at Study Programmes and Regulations (in Czech only).



All timetables and occupancy schedules of the classrooms and auditoria are available at Timetables.


Prospective Students

All information that can be of interest to those who want to enrol at FNSPE is at Prospective Students.


Bachelor Programme

Information about organisation and Bachelor Programme courses, including a list of bachelor courses can be found at Bachelor Programme.


Master Programme

Information about organisation and Master Programme courses, including a list of master courses can be found at Master’s Study.


Doctoral Programme

Information about organisation and Doctoral Programme courses, including a list of doctoral courses and topics offered for dissertations research can be found at Doctoral Study.

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