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FNSPE departments organise and/or participate at different conferences and seminars. Further, they organise different seminars and meetings with significant foreign professionals and representatives of outstanding institutions; also the FNSPE staff attends meetings outside of our faculty.

Regularly organised events at the FNSPE are as follows:

International Conference on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries (Department of Mathematics)

Workshop on Combinatorics on Words (Department of Mathematics)

Internation students conference on Stochastic and Physical Monitoring Systems (Department of Mathematics)

Doctoral Days (Department of Mathematics)

Student workshop on Scientific Computing (Department of Mathematics)

Student Conference Winter school on Mathematical Physics (Department of Physics)

Workshop on Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics (Department of Physics)

Student Workshop - Winter school on Plasma Physics (Department of Physics)

Conference on Applied Material Research JuveMatter (Department of Materials)


You can find a detailed list of conferences organised by the Faculty on the Czech version of the website (typically, the names are in the original language or English).

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