The topic for this year's Researchers' night is Mystery. And we will help you with uncovering many of them! For example our team has prepared special math activities called Brainy Challenges. For a complete schedule please check the official website HERE. Doors are open from 17:00 to 23:00 , October 6, 2023. Meet you at FNSPE in Prague, Břehová 7 street!

Okay, you’ve done the math quiz. What's next? You can choose from one of the lectures on various topics. Mr. Sebastian Nývlt will tell you about the Non-traditional Utilization of Nuclear Reactors.

Do you get scared when you see a yellow triangle – the symbol of radiation? To our senses, ionizing radiation is invisible and mysterious. But is it really that dangerous? Let's uncover the secrets of several faces of radiation, a few of which are terrifying.  

And the last one in English is named Secret stability of quasicrystals in Mg-Zn-Al alloys. Dr. Karel Tesař will tell you more about the aim of using this new material in the industry. 

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