Field abbreviation: FYT

Field code: 3901R064

Course duration: 3 years

Field specialisation: -

Course characteristics

This bachelor´s degree course is on the intersection between physics and engineering. Its programme is based on the fundamentals of mathematics and physics with an emphasis on hands-on training in physical measurements, practicals, and specialised practical work on the one hand, and on an integral course in experimental physics on the other. This core programme is complemented by courses in applied physics, electronics, materials science, metrology, the basics of power engineering technologies, etc. A strong emphasis is put also on work that relates to current practice. In the second year of study students spend a one-week on-site training assignment at a place of their choice, and later can develop this experience in the topic of their bachelor´s degree project. This helps them establish links for co-operation and later for seeking positions based on a degree in physics. Graduates are flexible and can quickly find solutions to various problems and apply their knowledge and skills in industry, development, applied research, laboratories and testing rooms of enterprises, product certification offices, and in metrology.

Graduate's profile

Knowledge: Graduates will have gained knowledge in fundamental disciplines related to physics, mathematics, and IT, expanded into instrumental and engineering physics, and metrology.

Skills: Graduates are skilled in the use of methods and procedures of basic physics used for solving real-life engineering problems with modern computer techniques.

Competency: The bachelor graduates can seek positions in industry, research, and the private sector, and their capabilities to use highly analytical methods of work and a systematic approach to solving problems using modern information technologies are then highly appreciated. They are competent to assume positions of skilled technical staff in laboratories and testing offices, in product certification centres, in metrology, as well as optics-oriented laboratories.

State final examination

  • Experimental physics - compulsory subject
  • Basics of nuclear physics - elective subject
  • Vacuum physics and technology - elective subject
  • Design and control of experiments - elective subject

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Department of Physics


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